Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Review: A Heart Redirected by Elizabeth Maddrey

Title: A Heart Redirected
Author: Elizabeth Maddrey
Publication Date: February 2019
Length: 182 pages

From the Back of the Book

Larissa Carey's fiance left her waiting at the altar. So she dubbed the wedding reception a "near-miss" party, and tried not to dwell on the one thing being jilted made clear: she was unlovable. Determined to move on, Larissa redirected her focus to the dreams she'd had when she was single.

Sean Fitzgerald had never even been tempted to break Wedding Planner Rule #1: Don't fall in love with the bride...until Larissa. When her selfish ex-fiance steps out of her life, Sean craves a chance to be her forever love, but is it too soon? Before he can make his move, she leaves the country to pursue her dreams.

How can he convince her she's totally worthy of love when she's so far away?

My Thoughts

I love the Peacock Hill series and this book is a nice addition to the series.

If I weren't married, I would be looking for a man just like Sean! I loved his character. I respected his faith and the fact that he is secure enough to be a wedding planner (an unusual career choice for a man).  

Larissa's pain and emotions of being left at the altar were very realistic. I liked watching her come to the realization that not marrying her fiance was in her best interest. I also enjoyed her faith journey. 

There was a scene where Larissa was in trouble and a couple that she barely knew came to her rescue. As this couple was headed out to dinner, they felt a prompting to stop by Larissa's apartment and ask her to go with them. At the same time, Larissa was in some physical danger at this point and praying for God to help her. I thought this scene was an inspiring reminder of how the Holy Spirit can work! 

This is book four in the series, but can easily be read as a stand alone. I recommend that you read them all! I am delighted that there are two more books in the works in this series. If you like contemporary Christian fiction, I recommend this book.

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