Monday, September 17, 2018

Memorable Monday - September 17, 2018

It's Memorable Monday! This idea was created by Becca from The Becca Files to highlight books that we've read in the past and are memorable to us. 

This week I'm highlighting Faithfully Yours by Lois Richer. This is one of, if the THE, first Love Inspired books I ever read. I've been a huge fan of that line ever since!

From the Back of the Book

Taking a new teaching job wasn't as easy as Gillian Langford had hoped. First she clashed with the school's proper - but very handsome - new principal, Jeremy Nivens. Then her aunt decided Jeremy needed a little matchmaking. Now everyone in town believed Gillian would soon be walking down the aisle, leaving her little choice but to go along with the "engagement".

But pretending to be Jeremy's intended wasn't difficult at all - which truly had the unlucky-in-love Gillian frightened. For though she had decided never to risk her heart again, Gillian knew Jeremy could change her mind...if she dared give him the chance.

Now It's Your Turn!

Share in the Memorable Mondays fun by adding a comment below with the name of a book you've read in the past and enjoyed, along with a quick statement as to why it was memorable for you. Then head over to The Becca Files to see what she's sharing and click the blue blog hopping frog button to visit more blogs sharing memorable books. 


  1. Never heard of it before but looks like an interesting read!