Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Review: A Wish and A Prayer by Robin Lee Hatcher

About the Book
"Felicity Blessing never expects to marry—she is neither rich nor beautiful—but she does wish she could be a little less lonely. Her prayer is heard and an angel is dispatched to assist Felicity in finding the answer to her heart’s desire.
Prescott Jones arrives in Appleton, Idaho with plans to build a cannery, find a woman to marry, and settle down. He and his partner have managed to acquire all the property needed—except for a plot of land owned by an old-maid seamstress.
With the help of a large white cat named Angel, Prescott sets out to change Felicity’s mind. About the cannery … and about him."

My Thoughts
I saw the cover of this novella (it was the cat that caught my attention 😻), saw it was by Robin Lee Hatcher (her Thunder Creek series is one of my all time favorite series), and saw that it was on sale and I was sold! I rarely read e-books, but this one made me break out my Kindle!
I enjoyed the sweet romance in this story and especially how it was helped along by a cat! I could relate to Felicity in how she thought she might never get married and how she had a pet cat for company. I was in the same position for a number of years. I liked Prescott's character and how he didn't just let looks dictate who he would choose for a bride. 
The author discloses that this book is not theologically accurate - just a fun read.
If you are looking for a quick and light read, I recommend this novella!

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