Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Review: Why Her? by Nicki Koziarz

From the Back of the Book

Through two striving sisters in the Bible, Nicki uncovers six truths we need to hear when trying to measure up leaves you falling behind.

These six truths will help you:
  • Stop staring at her success and find satisfaction in yours
  • Find contentment with your life without being complacent in who you are becoming
  • Gain godly wisdom to answer the Why Her? silent question of your soul
Someone will always be ahead. But that doesn't mean you're behind. Because Truth, like always, will set us free. And free women don't have to measure up to anybody. Not even her.

My Thoughts

I loved this book! This is one of my new all time favorite non-fiction books and I will be rereading it and referring to it often! It reminded me of books by Holley Gerth and Lysa TerKeurst.

There is so much wisdom in this book! I love how Nicki shares her own life experiences and explains how she has learned to deal with comparison. I feel like it's not only a book about comparison, but offers lots of other advice, too. She talks about choosing "insight" over "offense" when feeling left out, meaning that we should try to understand a situation instead of feeling offended. This is definitely something I'm going to be working to do. She talks about life not being fair and how unfair it was that Jesus had to die on a cross - talk about putting things in perspective! She also talks about how other peoples' gains are not our losses and how to deal with that.

There is humor in the book and at times I was laughing out loud. I loved her story about buying Fred the donkey! She suggests lots of scripture to refer to and has a good summary and challenging questions at the end of each chapter.

I highly recommend this book if you struggle even a tiny bit with comparison.

I Was Inspired

I was inspired by something in almost every chapter of this book, however one sentence was life changing. On page 46 the author states "We receive God's blessings for what He intends, to make us who we are and should be, not to get what other people have or to keep up with what other people do." I am very blessed, but I'm blessed in ways that are different from other people. This book helped me see that the blessings that God bestows on me are specifically for me  to shine in the way that God created for me and I shouldn't compare that to what He has blessed someone else with.

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