Monday, January 8, 2018

Review: A Mom for His Daughter by Jean C. Gordon

From the Back of the Book

Widowed single dad Marc Delacroix doesn’t have time for surprises—especially one like Fiona Bryce. Finding out that she’s the biological aunt of his adopted daughter, Stella, is a big shock. While Fiona’s commitment to the little girl appears to be genuine, Marc wonders if he can truly trust her—or his own heart, which he vowed never to risk again. Fiona’s eager to connect with the sweet young niece she never knew she had, but Marc seems determined to keep her at arm’s length. Could Marc and Fiona’s shared love of Stella be the bond that transforms their fragile connection into a real family?

My Thoughts

I am a big fan of Love Inspired books! They are great stories and they are a great size to carry in my purse. I also like that they are easy to find in large print so my mom can read them, too.

A Mom for His Daughter by Jean C. Gordon is an enjoyable book. It's a good story about a widowed father of a three-year-old and the child's biological aunt. As a side note, I think the cover is really pretty with the pinks, purples, and snow.

Fiona had a rough upbringing and doesn't have any living family. Fiona is used to making her own way and not relying on anyone but herself. She is shocked and excited when finds out that she has a niece who her late sister gave up for adoption and she is willing to move mountains to be part of her life. Her niece's father, Marc, is someone Fiona knows from work. Fiona starts to have feelings for Marc as they begin spending more time together with her niece, Stella. Marc's family is a balm for Fiona and they represent something she's always wanted - an intact family - but it's hard for her to believe that they want to include her.

Marc finds himself attracted to Fiona before he knows she is his adopted daughter's biological aunt. Once Marc and Fiona start spending time together because of Stella, the line becomes blurred about whether he is spending time with her for Stella's sake or his own.

Stella is an adorable addition to this story. I think I smiled every time she called Fiona "Feena"!

This story didn't have as much of a faith element in it as I like, but it is a good story and if you like light, contemporary Christian fiction, I recommend this book.

I Was Inspired

I like being able to take something away from Christian fiction and I thought the initial interactions between Marc's mom and Fiona provided a good reminder. Marc's mom, Terry, did not like Fiona at first and treated her in almost a rude way. Later in the story Terry explains that her behaviour is based on her sister going through heartbreak over an adoption that almost happened, but at the last minute the birth mother decided to keep her child. Terry's sister was devastated and Terry didn't want to see Marc go through that same pain if Fiona tried to gain custody of Stella. Terry apologized to Fiona and Fiona forgave her and they went on to develop a wonderful relationship. I thought this was a good reminder to me that people's actions are often driven by painful situations in their own lives and we should give them grace. 

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