Monday, November 13, 2017

Review: Only A Heartbeat Away by Julianna Desmond

Book Description

"Georgia Adler might be from a small town near Atlanta, but don’t call her a peach! Before the release of her debut novel, a top literary critic reviews her book as a “contemporary masterpiece of epic proportions.” As a result, Georgia is named one of America’s most promising new authors. When her agent sends out a press kit with her photo—which Georgia expressly instructed her not to include—magazine editors and talk show promoters across the country clamor for her attention.

Against her better judgment, Georgia reluctantly grants a few interviews, and a whirlwind publicity tour begins. After the first few press stops, the frustrated young novelist regrets the lack of privacy and not writing under a pen name. Instead of happily writing at home in her jeans and T-shirt, she’s all dolled-up and being promoted as something she’s not. Why did things have to get so complicated?

Grayson Chambers walks into a tempest when he visits his friend Nick in Manhattan. He’d only planned on lunch, but a new female novelist who’s taking the literary world by storm is being interviewed. As the managing editor of a trendy New York magazine, Nick’s in desperate need of an immediate replacement for the ailing male model. Swallowing his misgivings, Gray steps in to model professionally one last time. He can tolerate working with a demanding, beautiful diva for a few hours if it’ll give him the opportunity to publicize his foundation to thousands of people. He’ll be paid extremely well for a short time in front of the cameras, so what could be the harm? It’s a win-win situation.

After Georgia meets the devastatingly handsome Grayson, she begins to question the very crux of her novel, and Grayson wonders if the basis for his foundation is misguided. Is this a “chance” meeting between them or a way for God to reveal His own plans for their lives individually or perhaps even...together?

Only A Heartbeat Away is the first release from author Julianna Desmond, the pen name for a well-established, bestselling contemporary Christian romance author of more than twenty published novels. Stay tuned for more novellas and short novels to come in this series, including Only A Kiss Away, Only A Glance Away, Only a Breath Away...the possibilities are endless! Each story is overflowing with faith, humor, hope, and romance for those seeking an uplifting and lively reading escape."

My Thoughts

Let's just start with the dress on the cover...OH MY GOODNESS! I think it's stunning! I was drawn to the book by the cover but inside I found a great story. It reminded me of a modern day fairytale.

I couldn't put the book down during the part that was the day of Georgia's photo shoot in the dress. Georgia meets Grayson during this time. I had to stop reading at the point where Georgia and Grayson agreed to meet at a designated location in a year. What a dramatic point to have to quit reading! I spent the rest of the evening wondering what was going to happen in the year they were apart.

I was impressed with how Grayson was portrayed. He was a successful model so he's a handsome and wealthy hero in the book. He pushed his faith aside for several years during his modeling career. Through an encounter with his grandmother, he starts living for the Lord again and changes his lifestyle. Grayson meets Georgia after he recommits his life to the Lord.  

Georgia is feisty and independent. I enjoyed her banter with Grayson. 

I liked how the author wove a lot of faith and spiritual elements into the story. At one point in the story Georgia was in physical danger and she called on Jesus to save her. What a great reminder of the power in the name of Jesus! 

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes contemporary Christian fiction.

Have you ever read a book because you liked the cover?


  1. Thank you so much for the review, Sprinkles and Pink! I appreciate your kind words, and I'm pleased that you enjoyed Georgia and Grayson's story. Many blessings! ~JoAnn Durgin aka Julianna Desmond