Monday, November 20, 2017

Review: Falling for the Rancher by Roxanne Rustand

From the Back of the Book

All veterinarian Darcy Leighton wants is a good life for her daughter. But when the vet practice she hopes to inherit is bought out from under her by newcomer Logan Maxwell, she stands to lose her position completely. Recovering from a bad breakup, the handsome cowboy wants a fresh start--one that doesn't include working with a woman he's undeniably attracted to. No stranger to heartbreak, Darcy has reservations of her own, but she can't walk away from this job. She'll just have to convince Logan to take a chance on her...and believe that what they have together is strong enough to last.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed Falling for the Rancher. It is a straightforward, old fashioned love story. I found myself wanting to read it at every spare moment. I used to read Love Inspired books frequently and I'm not sure why I stopped, but this book makes me want to keep a very close eye on Love Inspired's new releases. I think you may be seeing reviews of them more frequently here. I want to keep an eye out for new releases from Roxanne Rustand, too.

I am always drawn to stories about single parents. I liked how the single mom was portrayed in this story. Darcy is a veterinarian who has been saving money to buy her own practice. She had hoped to buy the practice she was currently working at, but it was bought by a rancher from out of town, Logan. Needless to say, they don't get off on the right foot.

Logan was a great hero. Logan bought the local veterinary practice so he could move away from the problems of his past. Logan is wary of Darcy because of the past he's trying to distance himself from. I liked how Logan struggled with what he had thought for a long time were unanswered prayers, but then realized that none of his prayers were unanswered and that God had been with him through all of his difficulties.

A bonus for me in this book was a wonderful pet adoption story! I love happy animal story endings and this book included one.

Falling for the Rancher had a nice love story and wonderful elements of faith included. I highly recommend it!

Have you read any Love Inspired books lately?

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