About Me

Hello! I'm Ellie. I am a Christian, wife, cat mom, and I work full time. Books make me happy! I love looking at my shelf of books waiting to be read. I love going to bookstores and libraries.

My love of books started when I was young. I always wanted to look at the rack of  Little Golden Books as a little girl when my mom would take me to the grocery store with her. In elementary school I was excited when the flyers for book orders were passed out. In high school I enjoyed sharing books with a book loving friend. In college I discovered the local Christian bookstore where my love of Christian fiction began.

I enjoy reading a variety of genres, but I especially enjoy Christian fiction because it often leaves me inspired to grow in my spiritual walk in some way. You'll find my reviews are mix of new releases and books that have been around for a bit. I am excited to share about what I read and I invite you to leave comments because I'm looking forward to hearing about what you think, too!

I also love baking with sprinkles and the color pink!

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