Sunday, November 17, 2019

Review: Serving Up Love by Tracie Peterson, Karen Witemeyer, Regina Jennings, and Jen Turano

Title: Serving Up Love
Authors: Tracie Peterson, Karen Witemeyer, Regina Jennings, Jen Turano
Publication Date: November 2019
Length: 371 pages

About the Book

On the Menu for These Ladies?

Adventure, Independence, and a Big Serving of Romance!

A storied part of American history, Harvey Houses offered women a unique chance to gain independence and see amazing parts of this great country. Celebrated historical romance writers Tracie Peterson, Karen Witemeyer, Regina Jennings, and Jen Turano offer four fun, romantic tales of Harvey girls whose western adventures lead to love.

Tracie Peterson – A Flood of Love

Returning home to New Mexico for the first time in years to fill in at the Harvey House, Gretchen Gottsacker is sure the past is behind her. But nothing can be that simple. When the man she loved long ago steps back into her life–with a daughter, no less–will she ever be the same?

Karen Witemeyer – More Than a Pretty Face

Rosalind Kemp becomes a Harvey Girl, clinging to the promise of one day transferring even farther west, someplace her youthful indiscretion won’t catch up to her. But the past is hard to escape, and when the worst occurs, will anyone stand up for her?

Regina Jennings – Intrigue a la Mode

When Willow Kentworth is warned that strange things are happening in the railyard after dark, she never intends to get involved. That is, until a handsome new employee at the Harvey House–who has secrets of his own–needs her assistance.

Jen Turano – A Grand Encounter

After her fiancé abandons her, Miss Myrtle Schermerhorn flees New York’s pity for a position at the El Tovar Hotel on the rim of the Grand Canyon. She’s determined to hold fast to her life of independence–but a rugged, frequent guest of the hotel makes that vow difficult to uphold.

My Thoughts

This book FAR exceeded my expectations! I absolutely loved it!! Each novella was a satisfying story. The heroines in each were independent, I-can-make-it-on-my-own women which is my favorite kind of character to read about. 

Tracie Peterson's A Flood of Love is a page turning, second chance romance story with an adorable little girl in it. 

The first I had heard of Harvey Houses was in Karen Witemeyer's More Than Words Can Say when Abigail's sister, Rosalind, plans to move away to work in one. More Than A Pretty Face is Rosalind's story and what a sweet story of forgiveness and acceptance it is.

Intrigue a la Mode by Regina Jennings is a romance with a big dose of mystery. This story kept me guessing until the end. 

Jen Turano's A Grand Encounter had me laughing out loud! I loved interaction between Jack and Walter in this novella. I also enjoyed reading about New York "Society".

If you like historical Christian fiction, I highly recommend this book!

I received a complimentary copy from one of the authors. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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