Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Review: Andrew by Jennifer Beckstrand

Title: Andrew
Author: Jennifer Beckstrand
Series: The Petersheim Brothers
Publication Date: June 2019
Length: 347 pages

From the Back of the Book

Handsome, hardworking, and godly, Andrew Petersheim has always been sure of his place in his Wisconsin Amish community. He’ll be a welcome catch for the local girl who finally captures his heart. Mary Coblenz certainly isn’t that girl. Two years after “jumping the fence” for the Englischer world, she’s returned, unmarried and pregnant. Yet instead of hiding in shame as others in the community expect, she’s working at the Honeybee Farm, ignoring the gossips—and winning over Andrew’s eight-year-old twin brothers . . .

Friday, July 26, 2019

First Line Friday - July 26, 2019

Welcome to First Line Friday hosted by Hoarding Books

Today I'm sharing the first line from The Nanny's Secret Baby by Lee Tobin McClain. I've read several of her books and enjoyed them so I am looking forward to this one. 

"Jack DeMoise watched his eighteen-month-old son bang a block against the doctor's desk drawer."

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Underestimating Miss Cecilia Blog Blitz


Welcome to the Blitz for Underestimating Miss Cecilia by Carolyn Miller with JustRead Publicity Tours!


Title: Underestimating Miss Cecilia 

Series: Regency Brides: Daughters of Aynsley, Book 2

Author: Carolyn Miller

Publisher: Kregel Publications 

Release Date: July 23, 2019

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Shy, sweet Cecilia Hatherleigh has always been in love with Edward Amherst, the boy next door. Yet he’s never seen her as anything but the quiet girl in the background as he flirts with the other vivacious women of the ton.

When a near tragedy brings Edward’s attention to his family duties, this prodigal son decides he needs to settle down with a proper wife. Cecilia hopes to convince him to choose her—but God may want her to forget the wayward nobleman and put her future in His hands alone.

These two try to find their way toward happiness, but prejudice, political riots, and the changing face of England’s societal structures begin to block them at every turn. Can their struggles turn to triumph—or will their paths permanently diverge?

Friday, July 19, 2019

First Line Friday - July 19, 2019

Welcome to First Line Friday hosted by Hoarding Books

Today I'm sharing the first line from Sweet on You by Becky Wade. Is there anyone out there besides me who hasn't read this yet? I'm hoping to read it soon. I am a huge fan of this author's books!  

"Five hundred and eleven days had passed since he'd seen her last."

Monday, July 15, 2019

New Review: A Welcome at Our Door by Amy Clipston

Title: A Welcome at Our Door
Author: Amy Clipston
Series: Amish Homestead book 4
Publication Date: May 2019
Length: 313 pages

From the Back of the Book

Over the last few years, Cindy Riehl - the youngest of the Riehl children - has watched her siblings find love and happiness in Lancaster County. But as her family has settled down and grown, Cindy has continued to grieve her mother, whose death left an enormous hole in her heart. Since that haunting day, Cindy has struggled to find peace and wonders if the community is the place for her - and if her faith in God will ever feel the same as it once did.

When a handsome and kind Englisher named Drew crosses Cindy's path one surprising day, the two of them become fast and easy friends. Drew dreams of starting a family after some losses of his own, and before long, he and Cindy discover that their feelings for each other are romantic. As they spend more time together - often in secret - Cindy is drawn further away from the Amish community and the family she loves. In time, she is faced with a difficult choice that threatens to upend her world.

Friday, July 12, 2019

First Line Friday - July 12, 2019

Welcome to First Line Friday hosted by Hoarding Books

My goal this summer is to work on my "to be read" list/shelf - the backlog, not anything new I added. However, I recently discovered a love of Amish fiction and I've read such good reviews about this book that I came up with all kinds of justifications this week to buy it. Justifications such as there were Amish men working on the house renovations across the street therefore I should be reading an Amish book and I have several appointments coming up where I will be sitting in a waiting room and this book would fit so well in my purse. I'm sure you understand! :) Next up on my reading list is Andrew by Jennifer Beckstrand.

"A muscle pulled tight across Mary's abdomen, creating a line of pain from her hip to her abdomen."

Friday, July 5, 2019

First Line Friday - July 7, 2019

Welcome to First Line Friday hosted by Hoarding Books! Can you believe it's the first Friday in July? How was your Fourth of July holiday (if you are an American reader)? Did you get any extra reading time in? My brother-in-law and his wife are visiting for the holiday and long weekend. I am enjoying their visit even if I'm not getting much reading time. :)

I recently read Season of Mercy by Alexa Verde. It's the first thing I've read by this author, but I will be looking at more books by Alexa because I enjoyed it very much. It's a marriage of convenience story which I'm not usually a huge fan of, but I loved this one. I highly recommend it if you like contemporary Christian fiction! 

"Mercy Grant's eardrums seemed to split, and so probably did the eardrums of everybody else in the church."

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Review: Mommy Loves the Doggy Doctor by Deb Kastner

Title: Mommy Loves the Doggy Doctor
Author: Deb Kastner
Series: Mommy's Little Matchmakers Book 6
Publication Date: April 2019
Length: 170 pages

About the Book

A tragic ATV accident took the life of Ashley Alvine’s husband and put her daughter Gwenny in a wheelchair. Life as a single mom has meant devoting every waking minute to Gwenny, with no time left over for anything else—especially romance and especially not a puppy. Unfortunately, Ashley just can’t say no when her daughter falls head over heels for a sweet Dalmatian puppy. 

Bachelor veterinarian Luke Bryant is painfully shy. Although his mother would prefer that he settle down and raise a family, he’s more comfortable talking to animals than people. When his newest patient arrives with his wheelchair-bound owner and her single mom, it seems like fate might also be on the side of Luke’s mother. 

Gwenny is desperate to see her mommy smile again. She appoints Luke’s mom as her provisional grandma and the two become the most joyful matchmaking team ever. Will their plans help this shy veterinarian and busy single mom admit that they’re destined for a happily-ever-after?